Dakota Flora Pick Up Instructions


Your order is ready!
Please pick up within 3 days*!


ADDRESS | 3003 6th St E in WF


DETAILS | You will find your order in the white Porch Pick Up Box outside the front door behind the pillar to your right. The box is under video surveillance for you to pick up at your earliest convenience between the hours of 7am & 9pm, no need to alert me. Please pick up in a timely manor and keep in mind I do not make exceptions to the 14 day return policy for late pick ups.


To continue this service I ask that you please be respectful of the other items in the box just as you would want others to respect yours.


*If you do not pick up within 3 days and our box is full your package may be taken inside to allow for new pick ups. In this case if you come to pick up and your items are not available you will have to make an additional trip. We highly encourage on time pick ups! 


Thank you for shopping and helping me keep our box a safe and convenient way to pick up!