Dakota Flora Boutique "Stylist" Program

If you LOVE the Dakota Flora Brand and constantly have your friends asking where you got your clothes then our Stylist Program just might be for you! 

What IS the Dakota Flora Boutique Stylist Program & HOW does it work?

It's quite simple...

WHO is the Stylist Program for?

We offer 2 "rewards" programs:

1. Flora Rewards. (Free) This is the most basic, for everyone, rewards program that requires very little effort. Points are earned on purchases, referrals, shares, etc. that can be cashed in for discount codes. 

2. Stylist Program. ($49.99* or $99.99*) This is for the "go-getter" type woman that requires more effort. Someone that loves the DFB Brand and is constantly going above and beyond sharing us with friends and family and should be paid for it, in CASH! Commission and a personal discount is earned by actively sharing us with people in their community and on social media.
* + $9.99/month website maintenance fee, waived with $100+ in commission-able sales.

Which option is best for YOU?

MOST women will be best suited for our Flora Rewards Program. If this is you and you are NOT utilizing it you can get started by CLICKING HERE.

If you are chomping at the bit to continue sharing us with friends and family while earning commission then our Stylist Program just might be for you! If so, CLICK HERE to apply.