Rothy's Shoes - Get $20 OFF

HANDS DOWN my favorite shoe brand. Period.

Before I start gushing, let me give a little background. Rothy's are made from plastic water bottles. *insert confused face* I know, I know. What? Their approach is to lessen our footprint (pun intended) on the planet by repurposing these plastic water bottles into a thread that is then used to create these beautiful, and comfortable, shoes. 

Now, why do I love them so much? 

Because they feel like you are just wearing socks! It's heavenly! They are light, comfortable, form to your feet like a sock, and are so soft. With (virtually) no break in needed these shoes will be your favorite from day one! These are a favorite of teachers (so I've heard) and I can see why!

I was hesitant to get my first pair because of the price, I'd never spend more than $60 (and that was a lot) on a pair of shoes. But let me tell you, it was worth EVERY. PENNY. and now I have multiples! Use my link and get $20 off your first pair. CLICK HERE

What I have learned about the styles:

I have tried 3 styles now: Chelsea, Point, and Sneaker.

The Chelsea is the shoe I grab for most, not sure why exactly. I find it fit true to size. 

The Sneaker is a great basic and also fit true to size.

The Point I found to run small because of the point so I would definitely recommend sizing up 1 in these. That being said I ended up returning these because I found they are more of a business professional look and that is just not me. I'm much too casual for the point. 

They have a small selection of styles to choose from but many colors within the styles available, some classics that stick around and some exclusives in "collections" that tend to sell out rather quickly and don't return. 

I can pretty much almost guarantee that you will LOVE these, I would gasp in shock if anyone received them and said they didn't love them. I don't think it's possible.... but 2020 has proven that the impossible I guess is possible, soooo. LOL 

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